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Upstream ... Moving Against the Current

It’s no surprise that my zodiac sign is Pisces. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been pulled toward opposite poles. Early on, I followed the generally trodden path and found it lead to no place I wanted to be. Gradually, I surrendered to the silent undercurrent. It was the beginning of consciousness.

Today, I have come to understand that gentle nudging to challenge, to stand apart, to be different, is leading upstream … to the place where inner discovery resides.

Recent national events forced me to see how little we actually do with our lives. So, this year, I resolve to act as that gentle undercurrent … resistant to the downward flow polluted with complacency, indifference, and selfishness. The time to ‘do’ has never been greater than it is today. Tomorrow, it will be even greater. Resolve to take a step. Resolve to move forward. Resolve to do … something ... of good in the world.

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