Think About It

We spend premium price on organic produce, hormone-free meats, grains, beans, rBST-free dairy, and bottled or even alkaline water, only to take it home and cook it in inferior cookware that in all likelihood, destroys the precious vitamins and minerals we hope to put into our precious bodies, and the bodies of our loved ones. 

We spend hundreds, even thousands to replace a broken or outdated refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher, and even more on a kitchen remodel ... yet never really consider that none of those appliances have as much impact on the nutritional quality of our food as the quality of the cookware we use every day.

We scour consumer reports and reviews on the best and safest computer or car. Yet we look for sales on cookware from local merchants, trying to get the best 'deal' possible without so much as a question of value.

The truth is that what you cook your foods IN is just as important as what foods you cook.  

Ask yourself this: is my current cookware preserving nutrients or destroying them?

The Cooking Revolution

The decision to accept a simple dinner invitation with friends, introduced us to a new way of cooking. 

Platinum Professional Cooking System

Platinum Professional Cooking System

Platinum Professional Cooking System combines the best of technology, design and consumer concern to bring healthy cooking to your kitchen. Take a look at some of the benefits:

  • cook without water or oil 
  • reduce cooking time 
  • preserve nutrients 
  • better tasting, satisfying foods 
  • less shrinkage 
  • never think about getting another set of cookware in your lifetime
  • super easy cleanup
  • get healthier at every meal doing what you already do!

As a family committed to healthy living, bringing the Platinum Professional Cooking System into our home just made sense. Now, the guesswork and stress of cooking is gone! By eating at home, eating more of the food we pay for (through less shrinkage), cooking on the stovetop instead of the oven, using low temperatures, no longer babysitting pots, eliminating stirring and opening lids, and so much more, we are saving time, energy, money, improving health and having fun doing it. In fact, cooking is so much fun now that we prepare and cook 85% of our own meals, and started a food revolution right here in our own kitchen. We now know for certain that all cookware is not created equal.


Platinum sets and individual pieces are available through Independent Cooking Consultants and in-home (and online) demonstrations that allow you to experience Platinum's time and energy-saving features like stack cooking (cook a meal and a cake on one burner at the same time!), no potholder cooking, oven-free cooking, as well as delicious natural flavors firsthand.

Sets can be customized to suit your cooking needs and include an informational cooking DVD, delicious recipes, and tips to enhance your Platinum cooking experience.

Use the 'Contact Us' tab for more info or to get cooking today.

Disclosure: We are Independent Cooking Consultants for Antix International, a registered distributor of PPCS.