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Reiki Class: Levels I & II


"Reiki is a method of natural healing that uses energy channeled through a practitioner's hands to restore health and a sense of well-being." ~Traditional Reiki for Our Times

Increasingly, Reiki is used as an adjunct and complementary therapy for those managing stress, pain, and healing. Reiki is safe for adults, children, the elderly, and pets.


Saturday is the Reiki Classroom. The day will be spent on an appreciation for Reiki origins and principles, attunements, learning and practicing with Reiki symbols, self-healing, working with family and pets, discovering uses for Reiki in everyday life, business ethics, discussions and more. 

Sunday is the Reiki Clinic, a practicum or hands-on experience designed to put all of what you learned into action. Throughout the day, we will discuss ethics, professionalism, running a Reiki practice, participate in Reiki Circles sharing and receiving from other students, as well as completing one-on-one sessions with live clients.

The hallmark of our class and clinic is providing knowledge, skill, and an intimate, interactive approach that instills a high level of confidence and fosters a deeper commitment to the practice of Reiki. Students leave the class weekend empowered and prepared to begin using and sharing Reiki immediately.

In the class and clinic, you will:

  • Receive hands-on Reiki attunements (with 3 symbols)
  • Understand the Usui Reiki symbols, their uses and meanings
  • Have a protocol for and experience with Reiki self-treatments
  • Have a protocol for and experience performing a full Reiki session on others
  • Have a protocol for and experience sending Reiki remotely
  • Develop hands-on experience with live clients in the Reiki Clinic (required)
  • Know how to establish and offer Reiki in a professional setting
  • Receive Reiki Level I & II eHandbooks
  • Receive a set of Reiki flash cards
  • Receive a beautiful Usui Reiki II certificate
  • Receive a private invitation to attend our Reiki Practitioner's Share, a free monthly gathering of multi-level practitioners to give and receive Reiki, share experiences, mingle, and support one another.

BONUS: Enroll before Sept 1 to save $ 100 and receive a complimentary pre-class Reiki session!

NOTE: Pre-class assignments are issued on September 1st.