Reiki Class - Level 1 (Richmond, VA)

  • Qi To Wellness 1891 Billingsgate Circle, Ste C Henrico, VA, 23238 United States
(© Can Stock Photo Inc. / Amaviael)

(© Can Stock Photo Inc. / Amaviael)

This Level I class is an introduction to Reiki energy work. The focus is on self-healing ... how to do Reiki on yourself, along with family members and pets. You will come away with real Reiki skills and confidence, a handbook, Level I attunement, and a Level I certificate.

Increasingly, Reiki is used as an adjunct and complementary therapy for those managing pain, blood pressure, anxiety, trauma and transition. Reiki is safe for adults, children, the elderly, and animals. Performing Reiki requires only time, an intention and your two hands.

NOTE: Classes are limited! Reserve your seat with a deposit or full payment.