Transition to Better Health

Do you have a hard time sticking to what you know is good for you? Do your doctor's recommended changes feel unsustainable? Do you need support in reaching your goals?

Integrative Wellness Coaching is designed to help you get to where YOU want to be using effective and supportive methods. Your personal coach listens intently and helps you navigate your unique path to success. This approach provides meaningful, lasting results and tools for a lifetime of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. 

We feed ourselves in many ways. Coaching helps to shine a light on and wade through those areas where we can benefit from a little (or big) nudge. By ensuring that you are 'fed' at the deepest levels, you will naturally begin to crave a lifestyle that empowers you to make choices that add value to your life, enjoy more energy, balance and creativity.

In your personalized coaching program we will focus on the areas you choose (spirit, relationships, movement, and/or food), set goals, explore what makes you whole, understand cravings, increase mindfulness, tap into your natural energy, and bring more balance to your life. This is integrative or holistic health!



Wellness Assessment

Personalized coaching to address specific short-term emotional, spiritual or physical wellness goal or concern. Bring any recent lab work, list of medications, etc. *Offered globally (live/phone/Facetime/Skype)

  • Wellness assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Personalized plan of action
  • One session

Health Assessment

A comprehensive approach combining clinical tests with coaching to integrate new habits for long-term health. We utilize the Micronutrient Test to measure nutrient function inside the white blood cells. *Offered in USA only *Insurance option

Two Appointments

  • Initial: in-depth health assessment
    • personal health history
    • bioimpedance scan
    • detox assessment
    • pH test
    • micronutrient test (non-fasting blood draw)
  • Follow up: three weeks after initial appointment
    • test results review
    • implementation - targeted nutrition, supplements, lifestyle changes, etc
    • discount on pharmaceutical grade supplements or therapeutic grade essential oils (opt.)

***Ask about Cardiovascular (cardiovascular, prediabetes, and lipoprotein panels), Hormones (male and female, and thyroid), and Genetics (telomere, apolipoprotein E, MTHFR, and Factor V & Prothrombin) testing

Integrative Coaching

Personalized coaching support for lifestyle change and management. *Offered globally (live/phone/Facetime/Skype)

  • Personalized coaching 
  • Email support 
  • Self care items
  • 2 sessions per month /  3-month minimum
  • Utilizes results of energy reading, wellness assessment, and/or clinical tests and your imput to focus specifically on physical, emotional, or spiritual health, or an integration of the these areas

We look forward to working with you to achieve your vision of health!