pre-class assignments

These assignments are designed  to help you begin developing your personal experience of Reiki. Please begin them as soon as possible for the best results. 

NOTE: Your first Reiki attunement will be sent it to you remotely within 24 hours of receiving your full/final class payment. You will receive an email confirming it was done so that you may go on to complete these assignments. Certification will not be issued to those who have not been attuned.

ASSIGNMENT #1 - Attunement

The process of opening the energy pathways and aligning you fully to Reiki is called an attunement, also referred to as an initiation or empowerment. Once attuned you will become  a conduit of healing for yourself and others. This ability to channel Reiki is permanent and lasts a lifetime. However, the attunement is not a replacement for learning how to do Reiki. The attunement allows one to move beyond the knowledge and into the experience. 

In addition to this remote attunement, you will receive hands-on attunement(s) during the class weekend. The remote and hands-on attunements allow you to experience both methods.

After receiving notice that your remote attunement was sent, read through this assignment, then set aside 30 minutes when you can be undisturbed and relaxed, to receive the attunement.

To prepare ...

  • set your phone in another room or to airplane mode

  • take a few minutes to check in with your body and/or emotions - jot down a few words or make a mental note, whatever feels right

  • If desired, play quiet instrumental music, something relaxing that will not distract from your experience (or download and use the 'Heartbeat' soundtrack from the top of the page)

  • If desired, place a lit candle, clear quartz crystal, glass sea-salted water, fresh flowers or other natural elements nearby for clearing

Once you are ready ...

  • Lay or sit down in a quiet space with hands placed palm down over your heart

  • take 3 deep slow cleansing breaths, relaxing with each one

  • say aloud or to yourself 3 times: "I am ready to receive my Reiki attunement"

  • relax, focus awareness inward, and allow the energy to take over

Your intuition will tell you when the process is complete. It may last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Everyone is different.

Afterwards ...

  • get up slowly, taking a few moments to notice how you feel and give thanks

  • make a mental note or journal your thoughts, feelings, images, sounds, colors, emotions, smells, sensations, dreams...

  • think about how you might share your experience in class

  • leave airplane mode or retrieve your phone

That's it.


Reiki is a subtle energy and it can take some time and practice to get used to sensing it. These two exercises will help:

The Energy Ball

  • Begin by holding your hands 12" apart, palms facing one another, fingers together

  • Breathe in Reiki energy through the top of your head and exhale it through your palms

  • Repeat three times

  • Slowly bring your hands together and feel the slight resistance in the open space in between

  • This energy will feel like a large ball for some, a small ball for others

  • If you don't sense or feel the energy, slow down

  • Another variation to begin by rubbing your palms together vigorously for 30 seconds and then continuing the exercise

Energy in Objects

For this exercise you will place your hands on several different objects to sense the energy in them. Begin by identifying several different inanimate objects, something:

  • Soft and furry - example: stuffed animal, blanket, mittens, etc

  • Soft and smooth - example: tissue, fabric, pillow, comforter, socks, etc

  • Hard and cold - example: countertop, floor, handrail, golf ball, glass, rock, etc

Hold your hands on the object for 1-3 minutes. Notice what you pick up. Does the object's energy feel:

  • fast moving?

  • stagnant?

  • malleable?

  • slow?

Start with one object, note/notice your impressions, move on to the next object and repeat. 


After receiving your attunement, set aside 15-60 minutes each day to begin your DAILY self-treatment sessions. Use the hand positions in the diagram below. Journal your experiences, if desired. Put it on  your calendar if necessary. 


You will get out of Reiki what you put into it. To increase your physical, emotional and spiritual energy, continue to set aside 15-30 minutes DAILY for your own self-Reiki sessions. 

Love and light,