Sourcing authentic, quality supplements (2)

Are you purchasing your supplements on Amazon? If so, you really should read this...


For some time now, I've been fielding questions about the option to save money by purchasing high-quality supplements from Amazon. I always recommend against it. Here's why ...

Recently it's come to light that Amazon listings contain a HIGH volume of counterfeit or expired 'supplements' (often with new expiration dates affixed). In some cases they have been tampered with. In fact, you may be purchasing fake supplements with too much of the active ingredients, or not enough, or none at all. When buying fake supplements, not only may you be harming your body with unknown ingredients/doses (no quality control), but you are wasting money and have no legal recourse with the actual company.

All of the companies we deal with offer quality, tested, professional-grade supplements. They only sell direct via their website (retail) or through screened healthcare professionals (who may offer discounts). They do not sell through online 3rd-party sites like Amazon.

In checking with several of these companies about their supplements being sold on Amazon, each stated that they in fact DO NOT sell through Amazon ... ever. Even after verifying that there were supplements with their company label, name and logo being sold on Amazon, they reverified that they do not sell through Amazon. The only way to purchase their supplements/herbs is through their website or an approved practitioner.

When asked about these products bearing their name on Amazon, each stated that they did not know anything about those products, their contents, quality, or expiration. Further, they do not guarantee or assume responsibility for any products sold in their name through such websites.

*Some of the companies I've spoken to directly include Thorne Research, Pure Encapsulations, Vital Nutrients, and Nature's Sunshine to name a few. 


Shift your mindset. Put your health first. Spend your money wisely.

Always purchase pharmaceutical grade or professional grade supplements that contain higher quality ingredients, and usually undergo stringent testing before being brought to market. 

Ensure that you are getting the actual supplements you want. Go through the company's website or a trusted healthcare practitioner, like Qi To Wellness. If you aren't getting the actual product you want, you aren't saving any money.

For quality, tested, professional-grade supplements you can trust, visit our Visit our Professional Supplements page to learn more and save on legitimate vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.


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