Separation of food & drugs

It's an absolutely nutty notion that a whole room full of people get together and manage to come up with a bad idea. 

Case in point: have you ever thought about why or how the nation's food and its drugs are administered by the same governmental department? I mean, how did they even get lumped together? Food. Drugs. They don't go together. And yet we're so accustomed to the idea, that it just rolls off of our tongues ... "the Food and Drug Administration". See? ... Bad idea.

As hard as it is to believe, many still do not understand that the food manufacturers, the food police (FDA), and the pharmaceutical companies are working together. Or worse, that 'certain' food crops receive staggering government subsidies to keep them affordable for the unsuspecting and disadvantaged (how else can they afford to put corn, soy and wheat in just about everything?). My friend, Michele (thx Lady!), recently shared a video from The Guardian that breaks it down, links the growing incidence of chronic illness to the evils in our food system, AND offers grassroots, corporate and government solutions.

The bottom line: both Food and Drugs are big business, and profit is more important than people to too many. It's the truth and everyone knows it. It's time to cut the cord and wean our food system off the drugs. In order to offset what's offered in the marketplace, one man, Ron Finley, took on his local city government to start what is now referred to as Guerrilla or Urban Gardening. He is but one of many examples of people reclaiming the land for food. I started with a commitment to being informed and selective about what ends up on my fork from the marketplaces I frequent. 

How will YOU demand the right to eat real, living, wholesome food?