Class Prep #1 - REMOTE REIKI

Think of two people you know who may be willing to receive Reiki from you remotely during the class weekend. Obtain their express permission to receive Reiki. They will not need to be present or do anything except be open and willing to receive positive energy. You may bring a photo of them or a stuffed animal, etc (as a proxy for them) to class with you, if desired. You can also just think of them while sending Reiki. If you choose a child, you must have the consent of their parent or guardian.


Class Prep #2 - Guest INVITATION

Invite a friend or family member to be your guest Reiki recipient. Their session will consist of a full Reiki treatment and consultation which should take about an hour. They are welcome to stay afterwards to witness, participate in, and celebrate your completion!

They do need to arrive at the class location on Sunday between 2:15pm - 2:30pm. Be sure to confirm their participation at least 3 days before class in case of last minute changes on their part.