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Level I class is an introduction to Reiki energy work. The focus is on self-healing ... how to do Reiki on yourself, along with family members and pets. You will come away with real Reiki skills and confidence, a handbook, Level I attunement, and a Level I certificate.

Increasingly, Reiki is used as an adjunct and complementary therapy for those managing pain, blood pressure, anxiety, trauma and transition. Reiki is safe for adults, children, the elderly, and animals. Performing Reiki requires only time, an intention and your two hands.


At this level, the focus is on a deeper commitment to the practice, and extending beyond oneself and one's close circle (family and friends) to the treatment of others as a Reiki professional. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a day of professionalism, business ethics and marketing, more hands-on Reiki including remote sessions, discovering uses for Reiki in everyday life, and working with live clients in the clinic!

The Reiki Clinic is a practicum. You will engage in Reiki Circles where you will share with and receive Reiki from other students as well as develop a level of comfort within one-on-one sessions with real clients, allowing you to put into action all you've learned to-date.

Levels 1 & 2 include ...
· Reiki eHandbook
· Pre-class Reiki session with Instructor (w/early registration)
· Pre-class remote attunement
· In-class instruction, attunement, and hands-on practice
· Reiki certificate
· Wholesale essential oil account (opt. for Reiki 2)

In order to maintain an intimate, hands-on approach that empowers and prepares the student to confidently begin using and sharing Reiki immediately, we only accept a few students for each class. All graduates are invited to attend our ongoing monthly Reiki Practitioner Share.


This level is a review and test of your Reiki knowledge, teaches you the Master applications of Reiki, and qualifies you as a Reiki Master with the ability to attune others to the Reiki levels.

Class includes:
Advanced Reiki training
Master Level Attunement with symbols
In-class exercises
Hands-on practice and evaluation
Hands-on experience with Master symbols
Hands-on practice giving attunements
Clinical case studies
Final Exam
Certificate of Completion as Usui Ryoho Reiki Master*

*Certificate is issued upon post-class completion and submission of clinical case studies.

a taste of african heritage cooking series

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A Taste of African Heritage (ATOAH) embraces the flavors and healthy cooking techniques that were core to the wellbeing of African ancestors from Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the American South and Southwest.

This cooking class series is designed to raise awareness about the exciting flavors and health benefits of traditional African heritage cuisine and encourage you to incorporate traditional foods into your meals at home.

Each week we will focus on the spices, foods, culture, and history of a segment of the African Pyramid Diet. We will prepare, cook, eat, and enjoy community. All ingredients are organic (when possible), animal-free (vegan), gluten-free, and DELICIOUS!