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The session exceeded my expectations. I felt very relaxed and balanced afterwards ... more in balance, relaxed, slept better, and more energy. Glad I found aqiylah and really enjoyed my session! I scheduled 3 more. Recommended.
— Anna Marie | Reiki & Chakra Balancing | 5 stars
Thank you Aqiylah for wonderful relaxation, balance and well-being. You are a gifted practitioner and I’m so glad I found you! Feeling more relaxed and able to cope with life’s stress. I’ll be purchasing a bundle.
— Roberta McKnight | Reiki
Pleasant environment. Warm, inviting professionals. I worked with Omar and can already feel a sense of being more aligned in my soul. It’s a good value and beneficial. I recommend it. I plan to return once in a while.
— Doug | Chakra Balancing
Great experience! Aqiylah was great and very informative. I was very very comfortable in her presence and enjoyed my chakra and reiki first time appoinment with her. She seems very at peace and I feel that vibe if around her would be contagious. She will answer any questions you have before and after treatment. SHE’S GREAT AND I WILL BE BACK! I FEEL REALLY GOOD AFTER MY SESSION AS WELL!!!!
— Heather J. | Reiki | 5 stars
Received a gift certificate for Christmas and was excited to see someone in this area practicing holistic energy arts. I’ve been traveling back and forth while relocating and had been experiencing anxiety and some health issues related to that. I was 100% after my session and had the best night’s sleep I’d had in a month. A beautiful, caring environment. I highly recommend a session. I’ll be a regular for sure!
— Leslie E. | Reiki & Chakra clearing | 5 stars
The workshop has helped me to be more aware of my relationship with food. I am now more conscious of my eating habits. I know that I need a heaping help of food to be sated.
— Terri T. | Philadelphia, PA | Health Coaching
There is a fantastic atmosphere at QW and I was delighted to be met by my charming, calming, knowledgeable practitioner!! It was a fantastic experience!
— Kim Warnick | Reiki | 5 stars
I am so much more aware of the amount of salt in my foods and I am really trying to learn how to limit it. I feel empowered knowing that I can cook healthier foods. I am cooking more, experimenting with different recipes and tastes. I feel more “light” and although I didn’t lose much weight I notice the difference in the way my clothes fit me now. Also having someone to guide me through the process and encouraging me to keep going was beneficial.
— Maria X. | Colombia, South America | Detox
It was wonderfully relaxing. I am calmer, centered, focused. I recommend it for stress relief.
— Rebecca | Reiki
A very relaxing experience. Aqiylay is so professional and personal. Would definitely recommend this.
— M.C. | Chakra balancing | 5 stars
Thanks for clearing my chakras. Great feeling of recovery as well as a sense of well being!! I felt a warm feeling of safety and healing. I felt safe and Akila was amazing. Her services were amazing and well worth the time and money. Excellent!
— Audrey Michael | Chakra Balancing | 4 stars
A new experience for me. Aqiylah was very professional and personal. She explained what she was going to do before doing it. The atmosphere was extremely peaceful and pleasant. I highly recommend her services and look forward to going back.
— Tanya J. | Reiki | 5 stars
I experienced an energy evaluation with AromaTouch and chakra balancing with Aqiylah. She is very friendly and takes the time to inform you of the process and answer any question you have. After the AromaTouch (very relaxing) and the chakra balancing (energizing) I felt wonderful.
— J.M. | AromaTouch & CB | 5 stars
Wonderful. I received the aromatherapy and chakra balancing treatment and I feel rejuvenated. I went in with no expectations or preconceived notions and I came away deeply relaxed and calm. I would highly recommend this treatment to those who may feel that their spiritual energies are off balance.
— S.M. | Aromatouch & Chakra balancing | 5 stars
The moment I walked in the door I left a peacefulness that soon became a part of me. Aquiylah’s gentleness of spirit and kindness of heart made me feel as if I had reconnected with a long lost friend. I left with my spirit and soul at peace. Thank you Aquiylah for a most wonderful and powerful fusion of energy. Awesome experience! I am so looking forward to your workshop in March.
— Theresa DeBlasio | Reiki | 5 stars
Qi To Wellness astounds! Not only was Aqiylah professional and excellent at her craft, the time she took at the beginning of my appointment to get to know me greatly benefited my level of satisfaction with her services. She is truly a wonderful person focused on helping others achieve serenity and happiness. Highly recommended!
— A.B. | Reiki | 5 stars
Reiki and Chakra Balancing was a new experience for me. It was very interesting and relaxing. Aqiylah was very pleasant and professional.
— S.M. | Reiki & CB | 5 stars
I’ve only had Reiki once before, but absolutely loved it. My session with Aqiylah at Qi To wellness was even more powerful. I left feeling refreshed and free of tension. I can’t wait to return!
— T.M. | Reiki | 5 stars
This was my first Reiki experience. I was unsure of what to expect. Left the place feeling relaxed and energized. I would have given a 5 but the room was cold (bitterly cold outside this say and the wood pecker was an unexpected visitor outside the window). This was certainly not the fault of Aquillah. I plan to return.
— Kimberly Jefferson | Reiki | 4 stars
I enjoyed my time with Aqiylah. She was very kind. I would recommend this to anyone for a relaxing, pleasant experience. Delightful experience.
— Judy K. | Reiki | 5 stars
A new experience for me. The Chakra balancing and aroma touch therapy was interesting and peaceful. A first for me. It has stayed with me and I have enjoyed the good sleep and peace that has followed.
— Cindy Smith | AromaTouch/CB | 5 stars
Although I had no idea what to expect, my expectations were definitely exceeded. I enjoyed the warm welcome I received and the overall person that Aqiylah is. I felt completely at ease. I was surprised at the experience itself since it was really powerful. The feedback afterwards was spot on and insightful. I left feeling as if I had confirmation on what I suspected and I felt rejuvenated and at peace. It is an amazing experience that anyone who is feeling a need of a shift can benefit from. I plan to return quarterly.
— Karen Graves | Chakra Balancing
The atmosphere is calm and serene. While receiving reiki I began to feel inner peace and a restoration of balance from within ... something I’ve been in search of for months. Since my appt I’ve been able to manage stress better and am living with less anxiety. I can’t wait for my next appt!
— Nicole M. | Reiki | 5 stars
Aqiylah is a treasure for the Richmond wellness and spiritual community. She is caring, skilled and makes the client feel very comfortable and relaxed. I hope she continues to grow and share her talents with those who can benefit from her work! I am going back in two weeks and can’t wait! Qi is fabulous!
— Happy Client | Reiki | 5 stars
Awesome. This was a great experience. I felt it was extremely personal and Aqilay took the time to know me beforehand. I received the aromatouch treatment and felt both relaxed and energized. I could get this weekly.
— Mair Downing | AromaTouch | 4 stars
My first session and it was wonderful. I have recommended it to others already. I cannot remember the last time I felt that relaxed, calm and at peace. Aqiylah was wonderful and professional. I will return.
— Patricia Bowler | Chakra Bal | 5 stars
Aqiylah was an invaluable source of support, encouragement, and information for me and my husband before, during, and after my delivery. She helped my husband be what I needed him to be on D-Day!
I wanted to deliver without an epidural in the most natural way possible and my doula made sure I was prepared with a solid birth plan and understanding of what I did and didn’t want so I didn’t have to deal with a lot of explanation and communication with hospital staff and could really keep my focus on my breath and my baby.
Her voice was calming, her energy was encouraging, and she was right there with me through every contraction with a counter pressure trick that contained the pain and made me confident that I could do this! I told her I wanted hands on support and she exceeded expectations. She taught my husband how to put pressure on my back and the relief and sense of mutual effort was so amazing.
Our experience as a family was as beautiful as it was because of what our doula helped us do, I could not have made it through my delivery in such a peaceful way without her. Even after delivery we had such a nice after visit, and she made me an awesome fresh smoothie full of fruits and veggies which was exactly what I needed after coming home with a new baby boy. Well worth the fee, a one time fee for a once in a lifetime experience.
— Mailkah Karim | Yoga Instructor, First-time mom | Doula Services
Aqiylah, I love your website and your Blog Talk Radio show. It was great fun interviewing you on BWP Online. Listeners are still listening to the archived show and benefiting from your fabulous advice. Thank you for the service you provide to the universe.
— Rhonda K., Owner of Wellness Uprising | Inglewood, CA
You helped not only to facilitate a workshop in mindful eating but also an opening including the opportunity to go deeper into the remembrance and education of daily mindfulness for all aspects of our lives. Thank you.
— Catherine K. | Virginia | Health Coaching
I lost 9.5 pounds in 10 days, my energy level is up! I’m aware of good food choices and I’m a much happier person because I achieved success by eating when I felt hungry, not because I was craving salts or sugars. Aqiylah’s support along with the menu plan made it easy to stay on daily goals, and you can’t go wrong with great tasting recipes and food suggestions. Aqiylah’s daily tips to help with staying on track and remembering you weren’t doing this alone, made a powerful statement for me. Detoxing will be part of my monthly planning because my body needs loving on the inside too!
— Lisa J., Financial Analyst | Portland, OR | Detox
The greatest value I gained from participating in the 10-Day Detox was awareness & intentionality - being aware of not only foods I’m consuming but other lifestyle factors like slowing down in the evenings, having times of silence & rest, being reminded of the simple joy of taking walks, applying a wonderful example of moderation, and being more conscious of how even healthy habits (i.e. eating the same healthy foods every day) can become repetitive and variety is essential for maximum health! I would recommend the program to others because it is very well rounded without any extreme depriving or radical changes.
— Leanne E., Fitness Trainer | Vancouver, WA | Detox
Aqiylah is a gentle, nurturing person. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants what is best for them. She takes the time to sit down with and design an individualized plan that will provide the best Self Care for her client. She is able to answer questions and make informed recommendations to her clients. She focuses on the Whole Person.
— R. Rasheed, Business Owner | Portland, OR | Health Coaching