Consent to Services

I understand Qi To Wellness’ practitioners do not diagnose illness, prescribe or perform medical treatment or substances, nor interfere with the treatment of medical professionals. 

I understand that energy medicine complements medical care but does not replace it, and I am encouraged to seek appropriate medical care for my physical or psychological ailments. 

I understand that I may experience subtle physical and/or emotional changes during/after a session, and agree not to hold Qi To Wellness or its practitioners liable for my unique experience. 

I consent to therapeutic (non-sexual) touch as appropriate for my chosen session(s).

I consent to receive sessions at Qi To Wellness, will inform my practitioner of any discomfort experiences, and acknowledge that I am free to stop the session at any time.

I accept each of the terms above and consent to service.

Privacy Notice: Qi To Wellness does not/will not share your information with anyone. All information provided by a client will be held in the strictest confidence, unless released by the client in writing.