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Spring Cleanse


It's time for the Spring Cleanse! This program combines a targeted medical food with a modified elimination food plan, and the support of a certified integrative health coach to support the body's natural ability to cleanse and purify.

The Spring Cleanse is virtual so it doesn't matter where you live (within the USA), and you can choose your start date, plus have the support of a health coach! Here's the details...

  • A wellness assessment to determine the right program for your needs

  • 10-day or 28-day program with an advanced, clinically-tested medical food formulated for the three phases of metabolic detoxification: alkalinization, balanced liver detoxification, and heavy metal metabolism

  • Nutriceutical supplement to support balanced detoxification, provide antioxidant protection, and deliver nutrients to enhance the activities of liver enzymes

  • Shaker cup

  • Program guide with easy instructions, simple menu and recipes

  • Program diary for journaling your experience

  • Webinar (optional)

  • Daily motivational email (optional)

  • Health coach support throughout the program

Get started ...

Follow the instructions for the Detox here to complete the Questionnaire and schedule your Wellness Assessment by phone.

Step 2: Watch the 20-minute video.

Step 3: Email the Questionnaire to

Step 4: Schedule a Wellness Assessment  to discuss your health history, appropriate detox plan, pricing, level of support needed, start date, and more.

*** The last day to begin this program is May 19, 2016 ***

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