Aqiylah Collins, IHC, RMT, ATT, Birth & End-of-Life Doula

Aqiylah Collins, IHC, RMT, ATT, Birth & End-of-Life Doula

 Omar Collins, IHC, RM, ATT, Bikram Yogi

Omar Collins, IHC, RM, ATT, Bikram Yogi

Qi To Wellness is the manifestation of an intention to live with integrity and authenticity, heal bodies as well as communities, offer a path toward healing, and create a positive ripple of wellness in the world.
— Aqiylah

My early life was plagued with illness and hospitalization. Reframing and raising my consciousness around daily choices allowed my health to turn a corner, and ushered in a strong desire to live in wellness. Today, I love my life! No longer a slave to illness, I find balance and energy through conscious holistic choices. 

My experiences led me to studies and certification in Reiki, Chakras, Health Coaching, reproductive health and birth work. My passion for birth and end-of-life care was awakened during a 2.5-year staff position at the International Center for Traditional Childbearing and years as a holistic caregiver for several family elders. I've since worked with hundreds of clients seeking balance and support through health and life transitions. Currently, I am  earning a doctorate in Unani Tibb and Traditional Naturopathy.

Those who get the most from working with me are seeking:

  • Radical self-care, energy building, and centering
  • Healthy lifestyle transitions
  • Assistance through a natural birth process
  • Perinatal loss or end-of-life support

The desire to live in alignment inspires a commitment to not only my own continued wellness, but to yours as well. 

If you are open, willing and ready to move to a higher level, you don’t have to go it alone. I'm here for you every step of the way to discovering your energetic life.

Love and light!

Our mission is to cultivate wellness literacy and fitness in our local community and beyond. I believe that good health is a result of empowerment, quality nourishment, consistent self-care, and energizing movement.
— Omar

I've always  been an advocate for self-care and maintaining the gift of good health. A former boxer, martial artist and fitness fan, I've literally walked my talk consistently, for decades.

A lifelong student of various martial art forms since the 70s, I continue my training under the instruction of Grand Master William Myer. I have extensive training and experience in integrative health coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program. I am certified by Colleen Benelli in Reiki II, and completed the Master level certification through Reiki Blessings Academy. I also completed training and received yoga instructor certification at the Bikram College of Yoga. 

Through commitment and due diligence, I've maintained my health and know what it takes to do so. I truly enjoy helping motivated individuals reach their goals, especially in the areas of: 

  • Physical exercise
  • Breath work and energy building
  • Health improvement through whole foods

In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, jogging, biking, Insanity workouts, movies, laughing, and fun times with my extended family.

I offer energy and aromatherapy sessions at the Studio, and in-person or virtual health coaching. If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable, without judgement, I'm here for you.

Be well!