Who Can Benefit From Reiki?

Everyone! Reiki is safe for adults, the elderly, children, pets, even plants. How often one receives Reiki is up to the individual, although most practitioners recommend starting with 3 sessions to activate a consistent flow of energy.

What is the Practitioner's Role?

Although Reiki is received through an attuned practitioner, its usefulness is not dependent on the their skill or experience. The practitioner simply serves as a pathway for the energy, and is energized by it as well.

When I receive Reiki, is the energy coming from the practitioner?

Reiki is a flow of energy from the ultimate Source of all energy - whatever you consider that Source to be (nature, the universe, G-d, etc) is up to you. The energy only flows in one direction. There is no transfer of personal energy between giver (practitioner) and receiver (you).

Is Reiki a spiritual practice (or part of a religion)?

This is probably the #1 question that Reiki practitioners are asked. While Reiki is not a religious practice, it is practiced by people of all religious, as well as those with no religious beliefs. 

Quite simply, Reiki is energy that flows from the Source of all energy, and seeks its own path toward balance. Reiki is neither in conflict with nor a replacement for an individual's belief system. In fact, Reiki may enhance one's spiritual experience by improving energy flow.

Universal energy is not guided by the mind, and so it cannot be manipulated by individuals for misuse or harm. 

Please note that some Reiki practitioners do integrate their personal spiritual practices into sessions. If this is something you wish to avoid, be sure to seek out a practitioner (like those here at Qi To Wellness) who does not by asking questions beforehand.

Can touch really help?

Each of us already knows and believes that touch is healing. Think about a time you stubbed your toe or banged your knee. As you cried out in response to the pain, what was the very next thing you did? You reached for the affected area with your hands. In childhood, no one taught us to seek out the comfort of human touch when we were hurt or sad or ill. Why? Because intuitively we know that touch makes us feel better. 

Will I need to undress for my session? Is touch necessary?

Clothing is not removed prior to or during Reiki. Reiki is administered by the practitioner placing their hands either ON or OVER your body at various points from head to toe. Care is taken to ensure that you feel comfortable at all times. At Qi To Wellness, we do ask that you remove your shoes and wristwatch prior to laying on the table. 

What will I feel during and after a Reiki session?

The experience varies for each individual, and for each individual from one session to the next. Most people, at least, come away with a profound sense of calm and deep relaxation. At Qi To Wellness, we are always interested in hearing how you experienced Reiki!

Can a person do Reiki on themselves?

Once a person receives an attunement and training, they can begin doing self-treatments and receive the benefits of Reiki.

Are Reiki classes offered at Qi To Wellness?

Yes! We offer live interactive Reiki I & II, as well as Reiki Master classes. Please refer to the Events page for upcoming classes. Also, if you are not in the local Richmond, VA area, subscribe to Qi Notes and watch your email for updates on the relaunch of our Reiki Master Self-Study Course in late 2015.

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