Are The Touch therapies a type of massage?

No. None of our touch therapies involves the manipulation of tissue, muscle or fascia. Instead, a light rhythmic touch is used to distribute the essential oils over the back, neck, head, and feet. Occasionally, the hands may be included.

Who might get the most benefit from a Touch therapy session?

Anyone managing or coping with pain, inflammation, immune system deficiencies, toxic exposure, and/or stress may find our touch therapies a wonderful supplement to medical advice and treatment.

What clothing must be removed for my session?

Since touch therapies involve applying essential oils to the back, neck, head and feet, a client will need to remove all clothing above the waist, as well as any head covering, shoes, socks and necklaces, before lying face down on the treatment table.

What about modesty and privacy?

Our Touch Therapies are only available for female-assigned bodies, and the service is performed by a trained female therapist. Except for your back, head and feet, you will be covered by a sheet, and lying face down. Sessions take place in a closed room for privacy. This therapy is not available for couples.

What if I am allergic or sensitive to the essential oils?

Great question! You will be asked about sensitivities on your intake form, so be sure to state any concerns there. In a touch therapy session, only the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils are used. The oils contain no fillers, binders, or other ingredients besides the oils themselves. Most people, even those with sensitivities, have no negative reaction to the oils. Additionally, we use fractionated coconut or grapeseed oil to dilute or facilitate the use of the essential oils. 

If you have a known reaction to specific essential, coconut or vegetable oils, either inform us in advance so we can accommodate you, or  choose a therapy that does not involve the use of oils.