Vaginal ‘yoni’ steam

Vaginal Steaming (also called yoni or perineum steam) is a natural, highly-valued, centuries-old, method used by women the world over to care for our feminine parts by allowing the warmth of an herbal steam bath to permeate the vagina. Respected by healers around the globe, Yoni Steaming is an opportunity to reconnect with your body and utilize the wisdom of plant medicine to heal your cycle and reproductive organs. Beneficial for women with hemorrhoids, fibroids, cyst, tumors, or a desire to increase fertility, correct absent or infrequent menstrual cycles, relieve vaginal dryness and other symptoms of menopause, or simply maintain a healthy vagina and uterus.


Why Steam?

Done before and/or after the moon cycle as well as post-birth, the steam therapy includes herbal blends to support detoxification, strengthening, toning and rejuvenation of the tissue of the organs (vagina, cervix, uterus, bladder, and fallopian tubes) specifically, and pelvis region in general. The combination of steam and herbs also encourages emotional release and grounding, frees tension and stagnant energies. Women who steam regularly report: 

  • menstrual cramp relief

  • shorter bleeding time

  • elimination of dark or stagnant blood

  • reduced UTIs and infections

  • relief from vaginal dryness

  • sweeter smelling vaginal fluid

  • toning and strengthening

  • shrinkage of fibroids and cysts

  • improved postpartum healing

  • emotional balance

  • feminine awareness and confidence

  • and much more ...

why steam at Qi To Wellness?

Aqiylah is a vaginal steam specialist with dual certifications in good standing from the Peristeam Hydrotherapist Institute. Additionally she has been trained in proper period care, uterine cleanse, excessive bleeding, infections, deficiencies, v-steam herb blends, and creating appropriate protocols. Her certificates and training ensure that your practitioner knows the proper standards for setting up a safe and effective vaginal steam tailored to meet your specific needs.

We also offer seasonal classes on healing the menstrual cycle and period self care.

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What to expect

Traditionally, women squatted bare-bottomed over pots, bowls or pits filled with healing herbs and steaming water, allowing the vapors to penetrate the vaginal canal. Today we use comfortable stools in a private setting. Temperatures are controlled for comfort. Herbs are tailored to your specific needs.

Our private steam room is equipped with two steam saunas (in case you want to steam with a friend), bathrobes, towels, books, candles, and music. Bring your own crystals, affirmations, affirmations, visualizations, or breathing techniques to enhance your experience. Afterwards, you will be guided to a sacral chakra wrap on the massage table to complete the healing process. Reiki can be added.



*Be sure to schedule no less than 2 days before or after your menstrual cycle. 

*Do not douche before your steam and do not wear IUDs or yoni eggs to your steam.

*If possible, follow the session prep tips link here.

*Be prepared to remove clothing from the waist down and turn OFF your cell phone.

*NOTE: you can not steam during active menstrual blood flow, fresh red spotting, or pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive, your appointment window is between your period end and ovulation.