Sourcing authentic, quality supplements (1)

According to a 2012 survey conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), a growing number of Americans (the majority) take supplements - vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

But are YOUR supplements any good?

The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements in the same way as conventional foods and drugs. Aside from prohibitions on marketing adulterated or misbranded products, it is up to the individual manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements (and their ingredients) to hold themselves to high standards of safety and labeling.

It’s a fact that most big box stores do not manufacture their own vitamins and minerals, but instead purchase from a few industry suppliers who private label for them. And often those suppliers use ingredients that are synthetic (manmade), counterfeit, adulterated, unsafe, questionable, or mislabeled, manufactured under poor quality control, or contain little to none of the listed raw materials.

Two recent cases in point:

Why do we take inferior supplements?

Because we’ve been trained to. American culture is huge on saving money, especially on things we consider ‘incidental’. Everyone knows folks who willingly go into debt for a car, a kitchen renovation, a handbag, and more but then skimp and cut corners on high quality food and supplements. The food industry has changed but our mindset has not caught up yet. It just doesn’t make sense to continue thinking the same way about food and our health.  It’s time to evolve and stop treating our health casually.


We make well-being a priority, giving our body the attention it deserves. This means ensuring that what we take in is of high quality, even if it costs a little more. It means doing independent research on product companies to understand their standards and checkpoints. It means carefully creating a circle of trusted mental, emotional, physical and spiritual professionals who understand the mind-body-spirit connection, are willing to partner in our health advancement, and have our best interest at heart.

So what now?

One of our commitments at Qi To Wellness is to always use, promote and offer products from companies that are transparent about their processes and standards, offer full disclosure on ingredients, use independent 3rd party testing, and have research to back up their claims of effectiveness! We support companies that want to take care of you.

A few years ago, Qi To Wellness partnered with a trusted company that offers practitioners access to professional-grade nutritional supplements. Through our convenient online dispensary consumers can access quality vitamins, minerals and herbs from companies like Pure Encapsulation, Thorne Research, Metagenics, Klaire Labs, Gaia for Women, Designs for Health and others who maintain the highest standards in raw materials, manufacturing processes, and rigorous product and purity testing.

Whether you are looking for a quality multivitamin, individual vitamins, omega-3s, antioxidants, minerals, herbs, detox products, or more, you can find it in your private dispensary portal. 

Best of all, you can take advantage of and benefit from:

  • the knowledge and assistance of a certified integrative health coach

  • a Wellness Assessment that many of our clients take advantage of for personalized recommendations on replacing the supplements they currently use

  • a Micronutrient Test to determine if and where you are deficient, and provide you with a good starting point

Visit our Professional Supplements page to learn more and get started today!

Both the dispensary and services are available no matter where you live in the USA. Ultimately, at Qi To Wellness, our intention is provide you with phenomenal resources to help you take radically good care of yourself, and achieve your health and wellness goals! Contact us directly with any questions.